about me

about me

After my graduation as an industrial design engineer at the University of Technology in 1995, I started working as an information designer at Linea/BRS Premsela Vonk in 1996. I used to work closely together with Francien Malecki, one of the lead experts on information design in the Netherlands.

Together with Francien and other colleagues, I worked on designing offline and online forms, manuals and other solutions for complex information transaction for a broad selection of clients.

I became a Senior Designer at the agency, which was renamed Eden Design and Communication and later Edenspiekermann. I served as a member of the employees council for several years. And I was promoted to team leader. This new role enabled me to experience management and HRM facets of working with professionals.

Over time, I got involved more and more in online projects. As a design director at Edenspiekermann, I played a central role in the development of websites, customer journeys, forms, animations and applications (also for mobile and social media). I was responsible for acquisition, quotation, client relations and team and budget management. Among my clients were City of Amsterdam, ABN AMRO, AEGON, Belastingdienst/Dutch Tax Service, Eneco, Ecostream, ING, International Card Services, RaboDirect.

In 2009, I started Travelhands.eu as a member of a German/Dutch team. The site was launched in August 2010 and dismantled in January 2014.

In September 2011, I started as a Senior UX Designer at Info.nl, full service internet agency. I play a creative lead role with the sales and development of websites and (mobile) applications. I’m responsible for concept and overall UX quality, client relations and team management. Among my clients are Essent, ING, HVC Groep, PWN, Van Lanschot. We run projects by following Scrum or RUP standards, under responsibility of a creative lead, tech lead and project manager, working together closely. Since Januari 2013, I’m entitled Lead UX Designer, striving to bring Info.nl’s UX team to the next level and further improving my HRM and management skills.

Since May 2014, I have been working with Handmade, a high-end design firm specialising in design and developments of hard and software for connected brands. From our studio in Amsterdam Handmade serves clients across the globe that expect smart, delightful & beautiful solutions.
I have been working as a UX designer and UX lead of the dedicated Handmade design team with Albert Heijn until 2018. As a small but effective UX design team, we served the different SCRUM teams of Albert Heijn Online, working towards a consistent and delightful omnichannel brand experience across the different websites and apps of the largest retailer in the Netherlands. 
As of March 2018 I continued working for Albert Heijn as a designer and product owner/dev team lead in the field of conversational commerce.

I characterise myself as a modest, tactful, hard worker. I am a concerned and social person, creative, entrepreneurial and I cherish fun during work. As a manager, I prefer to give space to my team members, as long as they get the most out of it and keep their word.

Besides work, I like exploring the world and practicing Bikram Yoga. And I was elected chairman of VVE Kadeblok, a large (64 apartments) homeowner association in Amsterdam. And I vollunteer as a youth coach with the Youth Service Point in Amsterdam West.

User Experience is my passion