how I work

During my over 15 years of experience, I developed a lean method of working, suitable for a broad range of project types.

Depending on the type of problem, I like to apply service design tools to further sharpen the business and design strategy: value network analysis, customer journey, business model generation, marketing measurement matrix, etc. To get the best results, I preferably work together with different stakeholders and business and marketing experts in a workshop setting.


Concept and pitch
I like oldfashioned sketching on paper. Flows, screens, behaviour: it all comes to live on patient paper. Obviously I always work closely together with a team to translate the client’s challenge to an effective and appealing design concept. And to pitch it.


Interaction design
Sketch is my favourite design tools. I usually apply online styleguides to refer to for my favourite design patterns.


User testing
User testing is integrated to my work process: lean user testing during the design phase, which I execute myself. Or I work closely together with an external testing agency to define test scenarios and prototypes.


Visual design and frontend development
Visual design and frontend development are professions in itself. And I am not a visual designer or frontend developer. But I do like working together with talented visual designers and developers. And I am able to distinct between moderate and high quality visual design and frontend code.

Content strategy and further optimization
I like to stay in touch with my clients to monitor and further optimize the website. And as a content-focused designer, I like to work together with my client to develop an affective content strategy, based upon the initial strategy. 


I have extended experience in design related lead roles, which I combined with regular design work in all cases. As a lead I am usually responsible for resourcing, competence development and usual team management. As a manager, I prefer to give space to my team members, as long as they get the most out of it and keep their word.

User Experience is my passion