Google Glass

Google Glass

Mid 2013, Info.nl was the first agency in the Netherlands to experiment with the design and development of Glass apps in the Netherlands. In cooperation with our clients, we defined three experiments, each focusing on different features of Glass:
– Greenwheelscar sharing: Glass as ubiquitous device
– Bol.com online retail: Glass as sharing device
– EYE Film museum: Glass as navigation device

During a few hackdays we developed working proof of concepts for each of the apps, based upon development guidelines which were still under construction. Our most important findings were:
– Take time and context as your starting point for design
– Focus on designing the 'triggers' for Glass
– Keep the user flow as simple as possible
– Testing is a complex process
– Glass creates new ways of navigation

In October 2013, I presented the results of our experiments on Emerce Eday in Amsterdam.

Project  •  Glass experiments
My role  •  UX designer
Agency  •  Info.nl

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